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Plotting and Printing Services

We use state of the art Hewlett Packard plotters which can produce black & white and colour plots in all sizes from A4, all the way up to A0.

Our prices are as follows:

Plotting Services   Laminating Services
Monochrome Plotting:
A0 - £6.50
A1 - £5.00
A2 - £4.00
A3 - £3.50
A4 - £2.50
Colour Plotting:
A0 - £14.00
A1 - £11.00
A2 - £9.50
A3 - £8.50
A4 - £6.50
Clear Film Laminating:
A0 - £32.00
A1 - £26.00
A2 - £18.00
A3 - £6.50
A4 - £4.50
Plotting service charges assume that the required drawings/files are complete on CD/email and require no further manipulation. If drawings/files require additional work, this will be reported and, if accepted, time charged at CAD Services hourly rate above (min charge 1hr)
Charges are per print folded.
Scanning Services

We can scan drawing sizes A0-A4 into AutoCAD as either Raster, Tiff or DXF style formats. Please call for details.
CD Data Transfer

£10 per CD-R.

All above costs exclude VAT which will be charged at the rate ruling at invoice

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